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24 March 2009 @ 11:43 am

Cameron Laird has one of those jobs I ever dreamed of having. Instead of working my ass (while growing it, sitting) at the computer, I would love to travel around and take pictures of what moves me. That would be my dream. That's what he does. He is a commercial and editorial photographer from Townsville, Australia. There are few lucky people out there managing to do what they really like and what they really want and I really admire them when I encouter such persons. I am sure in the end it is hard work aswell, but I would really not complain to sit the whole day in the sun, taking pictures, in front of a beatiful beach or beautiful peisage.

He runs a competition on the internet now, giveing away his old camera. See below the details of the competition. And I post this blog, hoping to win his camera:) hehe. wish me luck.

I am running a Twitter/web competition to win a used but working Nikon D2H body - info on the competition is hereand pics of the actual camera (and my ugly mug!) are here.

To increase your chances three-fold follow the instructions below.
  1. Retweet this tweet by clicking here (easy to do, already filled in!)
  2. Head over to my website at www.cameronlaird.com and have a look at some of my pics.
  3. Put a link to my website on your blog or website (link to Cameron Laird - Photographer http://www.cameronlaird.com)
  4. Send an email to websitelink@cameronlaird.com with details of where you have placed the link.
To increase your chances five-fold follow the instructions below.
  1. Retweet this tweet by clicking here (easy to do, already filled in!)
  2. Head over to my website at www.cameronlaird.com and have a look at some of my pics.
  3. Write a post on your blog or website about my photography, mention I am a commercial and editorial photographer from Townsville, Australia and include a link to my website in the post and also in the links section of your blog or website (link to Cameron Laird - Photographer http://www.cameronlaird.com)
  4. Send an email to websitelink@cameronlaird.com with details of the post and where you have placed the link.
Best of luck guys, make sure you are following me on Twitter to see who wins, it will be revealed in coming days!
27 August 2008 @ 03:21 pm
pls vote for me on the green tick!  http://www.ebucataria.ro/salata-orez-somon-avocado/

thaanks !

if u like what u see in there, i can translate it for you!
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03 July 2008 @ 10:56 am
This is an article in the memory of George Carlin. He was one of my favorites men of this century. I have very much appreciated his humor and philosophy. He was my hero!

Rest in peace !

i, folks. Welcome to our monthly feature, “That Time of the Month.” Here we go:

Life is not as difficult as people think; all one needs is a good set of rules. Since it is probably too late for you, here are some guidelines to pass along to your children.

1. Relax and take it easy. Don't get caught up in hollow conceits such as "doing something with your life." Such twaddle is outmoded and a sure formula for disappointment.

2. Whatever it is you pursue, try to do it just well enough to remain in the middle third of the field. Keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself and don't ask questions. Remember, the squeaky wheel is the first one to be replaced.

3. Size people up quickly, and develop rigid attitudes based on your first impression. If you try to delve deeper and get to "know" people, you're asking for trouble.

4. Don't fall for that superstitious nonsense about treating people the way you would like to be treated. It is a transparently narcissistic approach, and may be the sign of a weak mind.

5. Spend as much time as you can pleading and impressing others, even if it makes you unhappy. Pay special attention to shallow manipulators who can do you the most harm. Remember, in the overall scheme, you count for very little.

6. Surround yourself with inferiors and losers. Not only will you look good by comparison, but they will look up to you, and that will make you feel better.

7. Don't buy into the sentimental notion that everyone has shortcomings; it's the surest way of undermining yourself. Remember, the really best people have no defects. If you're not perfect, something is wrong.

8. If by some off chance you do detect a few faults, first, accept the fact that you are probably deeply flawed. Then make a list of your faults and dwell on them. Carry the list around and try to think of things to add. Blame yourself for everything.

9. Beware of intuition and gut instincts, they are completely unreliable. Instead, develop preconceived notions and don't waver unless someone tells you to. Then change your mind and adopt their point of view. But only if they seem to know what they're talking about.

10. Never give up on an idea simply because it is bad and doesn't work. Cling to it even when it is hopeless. Anyone can cut and run, but it takes a very special person to stay with something that is stupid and harmful.

11. Always remember, today doesn't count. Trying to make something out of today only robs you of precious time that could be spent daydreaming or resting up.

12. Try to dwell on the past. Think of all the mistakes you've made, and how much better it would be if you hadn't made them. Think of what you should have done, and blame yourself for not doing so. And don't go easy. Be really hard on yourself.

13. If by chance you make a fresh mistake, especially a costly one, try to repeat it a few times so you become familiar with it and can do it easily in the future. Write it down. Put it with your list of faults.

14. Beware also of the dangerous trap of looking ahead; it will only get you in trouble. Instead, try to drift along from day to day in a meandering fashion. Don't get sidetracked with some foolish "plan."

15. Finally, enjoy yourself all the time, and do whatever you want. Don't be seduced by that mindless chatter going around about "responsibility." That's exactly the sort of thing that can ruin your life.

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04 June 2008 @ 01:12 am
Inspired by a friend, I have started to listen to music... music that I have forgotten and haven't listen to in ages..
Browsing through my iTunes library, I have rediscovered Lhasa de Sela , an artist of a Panamanian-Polish-French-Spanish- American-Lebanese-Scottish-Russian-Jewish descent. With such mixed roots, no wonder her music is a combination of genres and influences. She won the "musique du monde" award and the Juno Award for Best Global Artist.
I just love the mixed emotions that surrounds her music. They are not just tunes, but intense chapters from an intriguing biography. Her hippie musicians parents brought along in tours her 4 daughters, Lhasa having quite a nomad childhood.
She remains one of my favorite singers for her strong, deep, sexy, almost masculine voice, also for her flavors of Mexican, Eastern European gypsy music and alternative rock. She sings in English, French and Spanish and she draws herself the album covers.
This is a kind of music that only some people can understand and most of all feel.. but I find it very beautiful and vibrating.. soulful and sensual..  I would love to go to a concert of hers, it would definitely be one of the 'must do' in the list of the 43 things that you must do in life :)
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Coming back after a 3 weeks holiday, with much sun and well being, the impression I had after visiting San Francisco:

Things I loved:

1. Food is great and diverse. You can find really authentic places with unbelievable dishes. Like the place we discovered by chance, Sushi Zone, I've never ate a better sushi anywhere else.

2. Weather - is always sunny - but it never gets too hot because of the breeze of the ocean, cooling down your face

3. People are friendly and helpful and they would go out of their way to give you directions and advices

4. Just one hour away you have amazing mountain scenery on the north and on the other side, cool ocean beaches towards the south.

5. Coke and coffee gets refilled every time and you can buy ice in the supermarket :)

6. The streets up and down the hill, very famous because of the movies, felt very familiar

7. Silicon Valley is not an industrial park as I thought, it's more like a chain of small towns connected by the highway, with nice houses and gardens along the road, and from here to there some offices with not very opponent buildings belonging to google, yahoo, etc

8. Hippies are still cool

9. The architecture of the houses on Haight Street

10. China Town, pecking duck on fried rice & fortune cookies

11. The sea lions @ peer 39

12. Muir woods and the creeky road up to there
13. The town is clean and very green

Things I hated:

1. The disgusting gap between rich and poor: you could see teenagers wearing expensive fashionable clothes, getting out of blink blink hummers and homeless people asking for 85 cents on the same 10 m!

2. The homeless people on the downtown, barging on you always

3. The huge supermarkets and malls in which u can lose yourself for hours

4. The way that some people try to rip off tourists

5. The horrible traffic on the highways all day long

6. The brown tea they call coffee (Starbucks yucks)

7. The size of food (small size is enough for 2 days) ... and in general they haven't heard about petite, they only have big, huge, gigantic,    humongous

8. The Coke size big: if it's refillable for free, why pay more for a bigger glass?

9. The huge cars they have and then they cry for the price of oil...

10. Highway 1 had fantastic views, only I could not enjoy them because I was driving and the road was very dangerous

11. Nobody walks. If you are walking along a street, people are stopping their cars to ask you if you need help

12. Too many things to see and too less time for all

13. The airport was a mess... never seen a more disorganized airport! we had to wait one hour just to check in our bags

It was fantastic to see familiar places in front of my eyes and to experience a totally different culture.  After many adventures, the trip was a success and I would gladly recommend San Francisco to any traveler en love with life.

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25 April 2008 @ 02:32 pm
I am a girly girl. So I like cute things. I like little delicate details that make me smile when I see them.

 I have been to a Dutch wedding recently. It's very different than a Romanian one. I knew that already, but I didn't expected to be the exact opposite of ours..  In Romania everything is centered around food and dances and then food and then more dances and then on and on like this till the first rays of morning sunshine. Then everybody goes home, happy.

In Holland, the wedding was more like a cocktail. A sort of reunion where people gather around talk, serve some fancy starters and champagne and go home, maybe happy. No dances, no food. No wedding till morning, the next day.

But let's return to the cute things I said I like. The theme of the wedding was spring-hippie. Everybody was dressed casual, wearing whites and greens, more suitable for a golf game or for going to the beach. But that was ok, takes off a bit of the tension.
The men were given birds to stick in their chest and the women, butterflies... What I liked the most was a tree, in the middle of the place, in which u could hang your just-made-with-a-polaroid photos... nice idea! 

So even if it was not what I knew from home, it's still something to remember, specially when I see the decorations from the wedding around the house, on the cupboard knob or hanging from the lamp... :D 


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25 April 2008 @ 01:37 pm
I guess yesterday it was the day of journals.  First, I started with this blog, then, on the way home I stopped in a shop and I've seen this lovely notebook. It was so long since I've been looking for something like this. Something fancy-looking to write down all my hopes and dreams and also to see the results I would accomplish.... even if I manage to cook a nice meal, or buy myself that nice pair of shoes I saw yesterday in the same shop, or even go to a dream holiday... I will write it down and stick photos to it :) I guess it will be something most of you would say it's kitchy and a waist of time... but at the end of the year I will read it from the start and feel good I've done so many things through the year.

I will call it "The Book of Hopes"...
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24 April 2008 @ 04:23 pm
so. here i am. doing nothing much. decided to start a blog. for me. for no one else. don't care if others read it. don't care if others comment it. it's just for me. so i will read it in a long time from now and see what went through my mind at the time.

there you go. my reason to blog. i can call it more like a journal to my older self..  would be really funny one day to wake up much older and read all these... hihi :)

a plus !
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