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25 April 2008 @ 02:32 pm
Dutch wedding  
I am a girly girl. So I like cute things. I like little delicate details that make me smile when I see them.

 I have been to a Dutch wedding recently. It's very different than a Romanian one. I knew that already, but I didn't expected to be the exact opposite of ours..  In Romania everything is centered around food and dances and then food and then more dances and then on and on like this till the first rays of morning sunshine. Then everybody goes home, happy.

In Holland, the wedding was more like a cocktail. A sort of reunion where people gather around talk, serve some fancy starters and champagne and go home, maybe happy. No dances, no food. No wedding till morning, the next day.

But let's return to the cute things I said I like. The theme of the wedding was spring-hippie. Everybody was dressed casual, wearing whites and greens, more suitable for a golf game or for going to the beach. But that was ok, takes off a bit of the tension.
The men were given birds to stick in their chest and the women, butterflies... What I liked the most was a tree, in the middle of the place, in which u could hang your just-made-with-a-polaroid photos... nice idea! 

So even if it was not what I knew from home, it's still something to remember, specially when I see the decorations from the wedding around the house, on the cupboard knob or hanging from the lamp... :D 


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ext_96890 on April 25th, 2008 02:38 pm (UTC)
Maybe that's just the romanian way to celebrate eat, drink and dance.